Because there are so many scams on the internet nowadays, it’s really difficult to know what is actually good or bad.

So I will be cutting through all the hype and reveal the facts on ONLY what I have brought or used myself. So this will help you decide whether the product is right for your business.

Anthony D. Carter

CEO - Carter Enterprise International

Hello and welcome!


I was born in Columbus Georgia, but raised by my parents in Southeast Washington D.C. in the housing projects. It wasn’t easy…but because God chose me before the foundation of the world to serve in His army he allowed and covered me while I survived the streets of Washington D.C. I was surrounded by poverty, drug dealers, thieves and prostitutes.


As a result of those negative influences I became a product of my environment committing petty crimes, selling and using drugs beginning at the age of 12, I FINALLY WOKE UP FROM THE PIT OF HELL AND CHOOSE TO FOLLOW CHRIST AT AGE 34. I am truly what people refer to as a “hard knocks survivor” and I’m thoroughly convinced that God has some lives to change through my story.

I am a Proud Father of five awesome kids. I am also a single father and have been single in this process of raising my kids. I started raising my kids by myself when my oldest daughter was seven. Guess how old I was…If you didn’t guess I was 34. God used her to change my life. After 14 years of being with her mother and doing life together it was over. It hurt a long time but I had to keep moving forward because of my Baby. After two years of being a lone I tried once again stating a new relationship. In that relationship I made 4 more kids. Which after not making it in that relationship in 2005 I got temporary custody, And in 2006 I was granted full custody. So now it’s us and they are my WHY! They are all doing outstanding.


I also have a strong passion and desire to help young boys and men in life so they don’t have to endure the suffering I did. I believe God allows us to have our life experiences, delivers us from the evil then sends us back in to where we came from to go and bring others out. I am at my happiest when I share with the less fortunate and help people develop their Christ-like qualities. To me this is the only assurance people really have that guarantees them the quality of life they are chasing in the world. I am a man of God who is always offering the fruit of prayer and praise, which is the way we find true peace.


I really found myself wanting then becoming a internet marketer when I got custody of my oldest daughter. She was and now all my kids are my drive. At the start I was a internet shopper not a internet marketer. It wasn’t until I started really looking at what I want for my kids. That’s when I started really taking this for what it is and that’s a real business. NOT JUST A HOBBY! So I had 1st stop just buying what ever look good and had a great sales page. It has not been easy to do that,  but I have found some real great mentors. They are real and don’t mess around. They give me what I need to stay on track. That’s what we will do on this blog stay on track.


Now enough about me this blog was created to express my opinion on products and help people like yourself make an informed decision before you purchase the product.


Because there are so many scams on the internet nowadays, it’s really difficult to know what is actually good or bad.

Brought To You By: Anthony D. Carter


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